Care and Maintenance of Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks


Care and Maintenance of Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks

Although dreadlocks and sisterlocks (dreadlocks for girls) are believed to occur naturally without combing your hair, it’s still best to groom and maintain your hair even for the sake of forming dreadlocks. The reasoning behind this is simple. It’ll take years for you to style your hair into dreads using the ancient Indian holy man method of abandoning all worldly attachment, including grooming. Even Disney’s Tarzan, with its dreadlocked protagonist, required the boy to grow his hair that way all his life. You don’t need to be stuck in an island like Tom Hanks in order to acquire the dreads you need, plus even dreads require cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance of Dreadlocks

When it comes to maintaining dreadlocks, it’s important to remember that you should regularly watch your dreads with clarifying shampoo and a hot oil treatment at least monthly. As mentioned above, styled dreadlocks are achieved faster than “naturally made” dreadlocks, which means care and maintenance for them should be approached in a different manner as well in light of the faster results of getting a hairstylist to do your dreads for you. You should not allow your dreadlocks to accumulate filth, dirt, and dust, which is why it’s important to gently clean it with clarifying shampoo as often as possible. Meanwhile, the hot oil treatment is more about scalp care.

Frizzy ends are also avoided with a monthly hot oil treatment. It’s also a good idea to trim dead or split ends on your dreads once every three months to keep yourself from looking like a hobo and more aesthetically pleasing with your locks. Having dreads shouldn’t be confused with having filthy or unwashed hair. Neatness and order is still required in order to keep your dreadlocks from having a mind of their own. As with any other hairstyle, you need to maintain your dreads just right so that you won’t look like you’ve been electrocuted or something. You should take care in ensuring that the overall look of your dreads has a positive impact to all who see it.

Maintenance of Sisterlocks

Aside from the fact that sisterlocks are essentially the woman version of the dreadlock, they’re also more time-consuming to deal with in light of the fact that, on average, men have shorter hair than women. The time frame in making dreadlocks, when compared to sisterlocks, is far quicker because the latter requires about 18 months to get “mature” enough locks that are ready for treatment. It’s also advised that women acquire a sisterlock consultant to make sure that they’re doing the right thing when creating that appealing sisterlock look.

With that said, here’s another key difference in sisterlocks that will determine how you go about care and maintenance of it. The thing with sisterlocks is that they only look like actual dreadlocks but your hair isn’t actually dreadlocked in the literal sense of the term. Therefore, maintenance of sisterlocks should be more intensive when compared to dreadlocks. Instead of monthly washing, it’s possible to have daily washing instead. There’s a lot more leeway in cleaning and maintaining the integrity of sisterlocks, if truth be told. While relaxed hair can’t be dreadlocked, sisterlocks can be applied over such hair, even chemically straightened hair.

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